Essential Travel Tips For An Amazing Trip

Airport Departure Board

Here is a list of tips that will help you with your travel planning, travel packing, travel mindset, etc. 

I've compiled this list based on my travel experiences and is by no means exhaustive.

Travel Planning Tips

1. Book your flight in advance

Try to book your flight 60 to 90 days in advance to get the best deals

2. Use flight search engines

I use Google Flights to find the best flights/airlines and best dates to fly to a destination.

3. Research best neighborhood for your stay 

Research which is the best and safe neighborhood to stay before you book your hotel/hostel. This info can be found on travel blogs, travel forums, or websites like

4. Get travel insurance

Always get a travel insurance before you depart to cover for medical emergencies

5.  Book tickets in advance for very popular attractions

Book tickets online for very popular attractions in advance to avoid long lines. If you're travelling for limited days then booking in advance is even more important to avoid disappointment

6. Try to arrive at your destination during daytime

Try to arrive at your destination during daytime for safety. Know before you arrive, what is the best way to reach your hotel/hostel from the airport/railway station.

7. Understand visa requirements few months before departure

Research the visa requirements for your destination few months before your departure

8. Research about the currency used at the destination

Research about the currency used at the destination. Try to use debit/credit card with no foreign transaction fees. Also carry an extra debit/credit card as a backup. 

You'll also need to carry cash for certain transactions. Normally you'll get better exchange rates using ATM at your destination as compared to exchanging currency at the airport. Just know before hand what would be the charges incurred for using the ATM.

Travel Packing Tips

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1. Pack a quick dry microfiber towel

A quick dry microfiber towel can be very handy while travelling and is much more hygienic compared to using hotel/hostel towel

2. Carry universal travel adapter

Don't forget to carry universal travel adapter for your devices

3. Use packing cubes

Use packing cubes and/or Ziploc bags to stay organized during travel

4. Carry eye masks and ear plugs

Carry eye masks and earplugs to help you sleep better during your travels

5. Carry a power bank 

Carry a power bank in case you tend to use your phone a lot while on the road. The power bank will help you with recharging your devices while on the road

6. Buy a good quality daypack

Buy a good quality daypack for your day trips/excursions

7. Invest in good quality footwear

Since you'll be walking a lot, invest in good quality footwear to protect your feet  

8. Carry sunscreen 

Carry sunscreen to protect your skin from UV. At high altitude locations sunscreen will help you to prevent sun burns

9. Carry a good quality sunglasses

Carry a good quality sunglasses to protect your eyes for harmful UV

10. Plan your outfits

Planning your outfits while packing will help you decide and pack only things that you'll wear

11. Make a master checklist of things to pack

Make a master packing checklist which you can refer anytime. I've created my checklist in Google Keep app. Using this checklist will make sure that you don't forget things to carry

Travel Mindset Tips

1. Be flexible with your travel plans

Be flexible with your travel plans. Some of the best memories happen when you've flexibility to do some spontaneous things. Keep some days open and unplanned while travelling

2. Have patience

Have lots of patience. The pace at which things function at your destination could be different than what you are used to

3. Be respectful

Always be respectful of the locals, their culture and their customs

4. Read up about your destination

Read up about the country you're going to visit. Having a historical context will help you to understand and appreciate the place much better

5. Learn some local language

Learn some basic phrases in the local language

6. Go with the flow

Go with the flow while travelling. Things will go wrong while travelling, but surrender to the moment/experience and do your best to overcome

7. Write a journal  

Write a journal while travelling to document your travel experiences and insights you've gained for personal growth. Along with photos the journal will also help you preserve your travel memories

8. Have gratitude

Be thankful for the opportunity to travel. Consider each travel moment as sacred and try to be fully present in the moment

9. Go Slowly

Even on a short trip go slow and just plan to do few things in a day. Keep some time open to follow your instincts like wandering off, relaxing in a café, chatting with another traveler, etc. By going slowly you might end up with lot more memories.

During Travel

(Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay)

1. Join free walking tour

Start your exploration of the place by joining free walking tour. After the tour you'll have a better understanding of the place. Also the advice you'll get from the tour guide will help you to plan rest of your visit

2. Stay healthy 

Stay healthy on the road by following a good hygiene, eating a balanced diet, a good exercise routine and a sleep routine. Always wash hands before eating and carry hand sanitizer while travelling

3. Get a local sim card

Get a local sim card for your mobile phone if you can. Having cheap data while travelling can be very handy for using maps, finding restaurants, messaging, calling, etc.

4. Avoid taxis 

Avoid taxis if you can to be safe and staying clear of the scams. Use online cab service like Uber instead if available

5. Use translation app

Using translation app like Google Translate can be quite handy when you need to communicate with someone local who does not speak a language that you know 

6. Visit local markets

Visit local markets to get a slice of the local life. You could also buy local stuff at much lower prices at the local market

7. Stay hydrated

Always carry water and some snacks in your daypack

8. Give sleep priority

Give priority to your sleep to overcome jet-lag and keep your immunity strong during travels 

9. Wear clothes in layers

Wear clothes in layers for adapting to varying temperatures/weather during the day. Consider carrying a packable water resistant jacket. Always check the weather forecast in morning before you leave your hotel and pack accordingly

10. Do online check-in before flying 

Do online check-in for flights before flying to bypass long lines and hassle at the airport. Normally online check-ins open 24 hours before departure

Please do share in the comments section below your views about these travel tips or any other travel tips that you've found helpful for your trips. 

(Airport departure board photo at the top by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash)

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